Your health - Your life


This part of the website aims to be like the magnetic needle in a COMPASS,

faithfully pointing in one direction - North, so we can find our bearings and reach the desired destination.


When navigating through health problems, especially more serious ones, wouldn't we wish for a "health compass", always pointing us into the right direction?!


Often it's only through hindsight that we become wiser.

Or it may be by standing on the shoulders of others that we learn a lot.


Everybody has different preferences of course, and even within the various branches and methods of Natural Medicine we might differ in what we feel comfortable with.


This website makes no claims, barely suggestions really, - it just records what has worked or is working for myself and for some others I know, and it backs it up with knowledge that has kindly been made available by Naturopathic Pracitioners, Doctors, and others, including patients.


May you find what you're looking for, including the motivation to apply those valuable things.


Important points to remember:


- Winners and survivors do things DIFFERENTLY.

Different from the past, - and different from others.


- Solutions are often found outside the box.

Right column: some of Angie's latest artwork.