YOUR Artwork

This is where I exhibit some of the successful artwork of my art students or art group members (left column).



Laura's stilllife


Project February 2018

Oranges with Metal Jug


some use colour pencils,

others do it as a watercolour painting


Gorey art class

work in progress

Helen's stillife on top,

Sheila's stillife opposite,

both in progress



Christine using masking tape

Yvonne's metal jug,

she likes using the

grid method

Maureen's Oranges with




in her





water colour


Sheila working on her oranges and jug


finished stillife

Pat's oranges with metal jug,

experimenting with green paper



Marie's Giraffe

Sheila's Boat

This is the Wednesday part of the art class.

Phil's drawing


a magnolia flower

Noreen's Bird cage

Noreen's Lady Photographer

Jo's Girl with hat

Sheilas Butterfly, nearly finished

Yvonne's minimalised face drawing

Helen's miniatures

Window view with seagull - unfinished

by Emilie

Town and background

drawn by Pat

minis in progress

miniatures done with enthusiasm

Girl with Pearl Earring

finished watercolour painting by Laura

Gorey art class

Laura's work in progress

Michael's painting



colour pencils

by Brid



pencil drawing

by Yvonne

Reptile eye

pencil drawing

(I think this was by Avril)


(sorry, the photo of the

reptile eye

drawn by Helen

is blurred, my fault, -

but the eye looks

nicely rounded and 3d.)


by Pat

Glass drawing

by Pat


pencil drawing

by Theresa

Art class outing

during summer break


Wexford Lavender Farm,


Co. Wexford.


Plein air drawing.

Laura's lighthouse drawing,

she combined watercolour painting



pencil drawing

in this picture.

Sheila working on

a chandelier.

Miniature drawings by Yvonne

Water drops (above)

drawn by Yvonne,

nearly finished.

Tea Set


by Maeve



art class


Close-up flower

final version,

by Laura


 "Is it finished yet?"

Flower close-up


Gorey art class


Colour pencils,


this one was drawn by Sheila

Windmill         drawn by Yvonne


photo copy

on the left,


then colour pencil



then watercol. painting,


both by Helen

Bottle and glass     Gorey art class    Colour pencils, sorry forgot who did this one ...,

but this has good shadows.

Wine glass + Crystal glass     Gorey art class

Tulips in watercolour       Gorey art class   by Emily

Tulips       Gorey art class       Watercolours

Project January 2017    Winter Scene County Wicklow     Gorey art class      Pencils

Some serious artwork under development:

the Winter Scene in Co. Wicklow.

Gorey art class

Self-portrait     Gorey art class     Pencils    drawn by Jenny,  above finished, below in the process

Wooden Artist, Gorey art class

drawn by Helen

Flower girls,

Colour pencils

this one is

a very good

imitation drawing

done by Jenny,

the flowers look

very real

Orange Lotus Chinese style,


Gorey art class,

colour pencils


by Laura


Gorey art class,

Colour pencils


by Laura


Gorey art class,

Colour pencils


by Sheila

Love birds,


the very beginnings


Gorey art class,

Colour pencils


by Laura or Emily,

sorry I can't remember ...

A lady's portrait, Gorey art class, pencils


Girl with Hat, - two versions by two individuals in the Gorey art class, colour pencils


A very happy result of a complicated portrait of an older oriental man, original and drawing.

Gorey art class.   Graphite pencils     by Theresa who made the serious man smile.


Portrait of an Irish lady (Mary Black), by a Gorey art class student.    By Christine


An autumnal subject during the art classes in Gorey: Leaves.   Pencils


Only 5 weeks into the lessons we were practising portraits, and the lady who drew the female face on the left imitating the one on the right surprised herself with her unexpected abilities.

Gorey art class.  Graphite pencils


Left: Student drawing of the Charleston style lady on the right, which was

a photo of glass artwork found on the internet. Gorey art class.   Pencils


Old boat    Gorey art class.   Pencils    by Theresa



The following artwork was done by the Arklow art group

and by the Ashford art group and goes back a few years. 



Cat, pencil drawing      by Shona in the Arklow art group.


Eye, drawing by Shona in the Arklow art group.


Leopard, successful drawing by Sarah in the Arklow art group.


A quick stilllife by a visiting artist, Doug, Ashford art group.


The poppy flower was done in Acrylics by Nadja with a bit of help,

in the Ashford art group.


The following 2 interesting paintings were done in Acrylics by Paul, Ashford art group.

Paul, Ashford art group


Unfinished painting, acrylics, by a very prolific artist, Jimmy, in the Ashford art group.


Sheona at her artwork

Claudia at work

In the foreground Michael is at work

Michael's sea sunset painting, in progress





The following 9 drawings were done in 2011 by my then 83-year-old Mum

within 4 weeks while visiting Ireland. She hadn't done any drawing anymore

since her school days and found this to be very relaxing.



My Dad painted the following 4 oil paintings during his 20s.


Right column: some of Angie's latest artwork.