Think Health - Not Illness

So you have been diagnosed with cancer. Very sorry, but apparently it hits every 3rd woman and every 2nd man these days. It's a sobering and perhaps scary thought.


What will be on your mind from now on? Realistically you will be thinking of the illness and of your future, of course. Your family will be on your mind, as will be your own hopes and aspirations. Will you still be able to work? Can you continue to afford your present lifestyle? How will you tell your children?


And you'll be contemplating which route to take to overcome this life-threatening challenge. You have the choice between what doctors and hospitals recommend - or the natural route, or a combination between the two, - and some individuals choose to do nothing but "let nature take its course".


During the last few years there have been significant changes in what some good hospitals and their sometimes excellent oncologists can offer. Chemo therapy doesn't need to be the bombshell anymore that it used to be. In any case, you are the person to make the decisions. It's good to do your research well in order to have  all choices in front of you before you decide.


Should you decide in favour of chemo therapy, it's vital to detox afterwards.

If you wish to go the natural way, you'll need to be sure that you have the willpower and the means to carry out everything that's necessary.


With your chosen regime  in place, you will benefit most from concentrating on health as opposed to illness - to give your immune system an additional boost.

Dr. Russell Greenfield, experienced in emergency and integrative medicine, recommended recently that professionals should focus more on health than on disease. He aims at preventing chronic disease through better diet and lifestyle choices. - Did you know that health-oriented natural therapies can have a greater effect on one's future health than the family's medical history?

While most oncologists and hospital consultants still recommend conventional chemotherapy, radiation, and operation to treat cancer, your prospects improve greatly with personal research, followed by an informed decision, and taking a responsible active part in healing yourself.

Oncologist Carl Simonton called this action "exerting some influence over the course of their disease" . There is a need to align one's thinking and being with the laws of nature. This mind-body pioneer knew that a fierce will to survive, positive expectations, and an active self-care programme can positively influence the outcome of cancer.

Natural self-care cancer treatments should include
-Thorough detoxing especially bowels,
-Consistently avoiding all animal-based foods,
-Drinking fresh vegetable juices and wheatgrass juice
-Drinking lots of pure water for rehydration
-Eating 80% plant-based, raw, organic food including sprouts
-Eliminating sugar and processed foods
-Taking supplements (digestive enzymes, essential fatty acids, probiotics, blue-green algae/chlorella/spirulina, Vitamins C, B12, D3, B17, Essiac, Black Walnut tincture, Kombucha, etc.)
-Eliminating chemicals from personal care products
-Physical exercise in fresh air and sunshine
-Dealing with unresolved emotional issues.

These treatments boost the immune system to top notch. Your involved action adds to the healing momentum.

To quote Dr. Richard Schulze: "There are no incurable diseases, none. Take responsibility and be willing to change, and you can heal yourself of anything." Stop focusing on your disease, concentrate on creating health - the effect is powerfully beneficial. View your illness as a gift towards discovering the healthy natural lifestyle. You're focusing on health. Your focus determines your future.

Health means
-a body-friendly diet and lifestyle and good levels of energy, stamina and resilience,
-a proper circadian rhythm including sufficient sleep and the right balance between exercise and rest,
-clarity of mind balanced with stillness of thoughts, flexibility, a happy attitude, optimism and acceptance of self,
-fulfillment, love, worthwhile personal goals, a meaning in life, giving and receiving support,
-confidence in oneself and one's abilities, a sense of accomplishment and recognition, security and inner peace.

Illness is merely the body communicating: "Something is wrong". Why spend lots of time thinking about physical illness, negative mental states and emotional problems when they make us miserable.

Thinking "I'm depressed" gets you down. Thinking "I don't want to be depressed still gets you down. In the mind, unlike in Algebra, "not negative" does not equal "positive". Therefore replace negative thoughts with positive ones: "I will be happy." Replace "I'm ill" with "I'll be well" and step up the natural treatments, drink more green juices, and confidently visualise cancer cells being eaten up. What you think becomes your reality.

When driving at night, you wisely focus on your side of the road rather than on the blinding lights of other cars, or else you might find yourself steering that way.

Your life is in your hands. Think health, not illness.


(This is a revised version of my original article which has appeared in Naturalnews: ).

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