Art Lessons

- Initial assessment plus first lesson (20 min. max)                               FREE of charge. 

                             - Regular 1-to-1 Lessons (45 min. each)

                                              € 15 per lesson. (Flexible price up/down, depending on your  level and your requirements).

                                                            For details click on "Art Lessons", please.


                                                                                       Payment:   click on PAYMENT


DUCKLING (in Angie's new style)  € 15

CAT (in Angie's new style)  € 15

PUPPY (in Angie's new style)  € 15

HORSE (in Angie's new style)  € 15



OLD BOAT big  € 99

OLD BOAT small  €25


(These prices don't include packaging and postage).




                                     Angie's ART BOOK Download

                                     (not available yet)


                                                 € FREE (= or donate exactly as                                            much as you wish to donate)


                                                                                    For details please click on ART BOOK.


                                                            --- more coming soon ---

Right column: some of Angie's latest artwork.