Living Food

Art and Crafts are good for you.

  The right kind of thinking and attitude is key to happiness and good health.

     And you are what you eat.


When you are on a very restricted diet for health reasons,

make it TASTY, ARTISTIC and FUN.


Vegan Blackberry Dessert
Vegan Blackberry Dessert

One evening I enjoyed this Vegan Blackberry Dessert, created by Raw Vegan Chef Veronica O'Reilly of Healthy Habits in Wicklow. It was done with Almonds and Cashews, and Stevia was the sweetener without regrets. 

I'll have to ask Veronica for the recipe. It was so delicious that I couldn't resist taking this photo.


Fully Raw Curry Noodles (by Raw Kristina)


Ingredients: (to be amended slightly if you have to economise on sugar intake!,

please see my suggestion further down)


3 spiralised courgettes - "noodles", a bowl full


Curry Sauce:


Cherry Tomatoes

Fresh herbs: Basil, Rosemary, Sage

Sesame seeds


Turmeric (most)

Curry powder (less)

Cumin (only a little)

Perhaps a little coconut milk (ideally home-made from dessicated coconut and water)

Cayenne pepper (just a little, or to taste)


Pour the Curry sauce over the "noodles" and mix.

Eat with chopsticks or with a fork.


This is going to be a favourite of mine - but I won't put lots of oranges in,

I'll put some lemons in instead and add some Stevia to make it sweet.

And I'll replace the tomatoes with red peppers.

That way it's "Hippocrates-compatible"!

Bon Appetit!


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By the way, HEALTHY HABITS in Wicklow town (Ireland) run RAW FOOD CLASSES.

Click on .


When you choose a recipe to prepare, please remember that your particular health condition might require you to stay away from certain ingredients.

RAW VEGAN might not be enough to describe your personal diet.

And recipes are rarely written just for one health condition.

No problem, see further down, please, - you can adjust almost any recipe to your special requirements!

For full enjoyment!


To give you an example: 

Went to a "Slow Food Market" (as opposed to "fast food") today. All home-made wild-grown etc., herbs, mushrooms, jams, chutneys, breads, cakes, etc etc. Very inspirational. At one stand I tried a tiny little chocolate cake sample which was phantastic, but of course I'm not allowed any of what was in it. I asked the lady for the recipe, which she happily recited to me, - she knew I wouldn't bake to eat it anyway: Dark chocolate, butter, castor sugar, eggs, flour, and wild blueberries soaked in brandy. I thought on my feet and came up with an alternative recipe:  Cocoa or carob mixed with almond butter or another nut butter, a little stevia, ground linseeds instead of eggs, buckwheat flour or ground quinoa and some ground nuts, and wild blueberries soaked in lemon/orange juice and perhaps cinnamon, and all flexible to a consistency that it can either be cooled/hardened in the fridge, or dried at max. 43 centigrees in the dehydrator, - not baked. Doesn't that sound lovely? And I said to Hilda, that's the friendly lady's name, I'll call this raw cake "death by Hilda" (instead of "death by chocolate"). We had a great old laugh, and I took one of her cards with me so I can share my results with her. The market took place in a village next to Aughrim, and I was also pleasantly surprised at the beauty of the November landscape there. But I was especially pleased to come away with the idea of preparing that lovely "raw cake" at home and thus perpetuating the beautiful atmosphere of that market. (Hilda's email address for the real thing:      - located in Summerhill, Co. Meath, Ireland).


And almost any recipe can be changed into being "Hippocrates-compatible".

All you need to do is replace the less ideal ingredients with better options.

The following list will help a little with that.


Raw Living Healthy Substitutes

in recipes  (so you can adjust nearly any recipe)



...Sugar (for sweetness) replace with Stevia, Vanilla, Cinnamon, (Coconut sugar?) 

...Agave/Maple syrup (for sweetness) replace with Stevia etc., 

(for sticky texture) replace with Stevia plus binders (look under “Eggs”)


-Table Salt (for taste) replace with Himalaya salt or Sea salt, 

or instead use Celery (celery dried & ground), 

or use Sea veg. (either in small bits, or soak sea veg in water and use the soaking water); 

possibly use phytoplankton


-Eggs (for binding)replace with Psyllium seeds/husks/fiber, 

or Flaxseeds ground and soaked in water,

or Chia seeds soaked in water or other appropriate fluids such as lemon juice, 

or AgarAgar. For pies use pumpkin puree. 

For taste some use sulfur salt, but that needs a bit of researching for its health implications.



...Milk (for colour) replace with rice milk, oat milk, coconut milk, best: almond mylk. 

- For taste replace with Almond, Hemp, &other Nut & Seed mylks, Coconut mylk/-water,

 to taste.

...Buttermilk (for taste) replace with Lemon juice with rice milk, stir, let stand for 30 min.

...Butter/Margarine (as a spread) replace with semi-soft Coconut oil, 

ripe avocado, tahini (sesame paste), nut butters, hummus, 

a mix of avocado-tahini-lemon juice

...Cheese (for taste) replace with Cashew/Macadamia “cheese”, nut and seed cheeses, 

or Nutritional Yeast “cheese” sauce (if your diet allows it). 

...Cream replace with Coconut milk, cashews/macadamias w. water, 

- savoury w. salt and lemon juice,

- sweet w Stevia

...Icecream replace with home-made Dairy-free icecream 

such as Lemon icecream or Nut icecream

...Yoghurt replace with home-made Coconut “yoghurt”, or fermented oats


- Meat (for feel and taste) replace with Nuts, raw nut pates, 

raw meet balls from nuts/seeds, Mushrooms


- Fish  (for taste) replace with sea veg. Dulse/kelp, etc., possibly smoked varieties


- Flour replace with Buckwheat flour, Millet flour, Quinoa flour, perhaps Teff flour. 

You can also use -Sprouted grains for raw “breads” (minimally sprouted). 

Or -Almond flour, Coconut flour.


- Bread incl. Wholemeal Bread, replace it with Sprouted “bread”, 

dehydrated flax crackers, 

Essene bread,

also Lettuce wraps, Flaxseed/Apple/Carrot wraps


- Pasta replace with Raw “spaghetti” from squashes, courgette/zucchini, or root veg.; 

sea “spaghetti”


- Animal fat (depending on intended use) replace with Cold pressed coconut oil, 

fresh coconut, Olive oil, 

Hemp seed oil or better whole hemp seeds,

Flax seed oil or whole organic flax seeds,

Nuts, nut butters


-Beverages incl. water (tap water)  replace with Distilled water, Reverse Osmosis water, 

low mineral spring water, water bottled in glass bottles, juices


- Tea (i.e. Black tea) replace with Herbal teas, 

also teas from “savoury” herbs such as Rosemary


- Soft drinks, replace with -lemon juice without or with stevia (but not stevia w. Sugar!),

-coconut water (fresh), -veggie juices, green juices!, -Dr. Schulze Superfood drink


- Condiments

...Mayonnaise replace with Pumpkin seed “mayo”, avocado “mayo”

...Ketchup replace with Bellpepper raw “ketchup” with onion, stevia, etc.


- Pasta sauces  replace with Raw “pesto”; Nut “cheese” salsa, nut butters, Bellpepper raw “ketchup”


- Spreads  replace with ripe Avocado, Raw “Pesto”, Salsa, Guacamole, Nut pates, 

nutbutters, nut “cheeses”, coconut butter, tahini, hummus,

or a Mixture of avocado-tahini-lemon juice, 

or even Home-made real Nutella

or jam preserves without added sugar.


-Sweets  replace them with Raw cookies, raw cakes, dehydrated crackers/chips,

Raw desserts (eg. Soaked Chia with soaked Goji Berries, soaked Almonds, 

Cinnamon, Stevia, lemon juice, water - mmmh!)


- Cookies, cakes replace those with Raw cookies, raw cakes, raw pies,

dehydrated cookies.


Why eat raw vegan?

The body can only recuperate with food that is “species-specific”, and that is raw vegan food. In the zoo the zoo-keepers are always very particular to feed their animals only species-specific food, otherwise they wouldn’t be at their best. Don't we deserve the same?!

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