Living Food

Art and Crafts are good for you.

  The right kind of thinking and attitude is key to happiness and good health.

     And you are what you eat.


When you are on a very restricted diet for health reasons,

make it TASTY, ARTISTIC and FUN.


Vegan Blackberry Dessert
Vegan Blackberry Dessert

One evening I enjoyed this Vegan Blackberry Dessert, created by Raw Vegan Chef Veronica O'Reilly of SOL / Healthy Habits in Wicklow town. It was done with Almonds and Cashews, and Stevia was the sweetener without regrets. 

I'll have to ask Veronica for the recipe. It was so delicious that I couldn't resist taking this photo.


Fully Raw Curry Noodles (by Raw Kristina)


Ingredients: (to be amended slightly if you have to economise on sugar intake!,

please see my suggestion further down)


3 spiralised courgettes - "noodles", a bowl full


Curry Sauce:


Cherry Tomatoes

Fresh herbs: Basil, Rosemary, Sage

Sesame seeds


Turmeric (most)

Curry powder (less)

Cumin (only a little)

Perhaps a little coconut milk (ideally home-made from dessicated coconut and water)

Cayenne pepper (just a little, or to taste)


Pour the Curry sauce over the "noodles" and mix.

Eat with chopsticks or with a fork.


This is going to be a favourite of mine - but I won't put lots of oranges in,

I'll put some lemons in instead and add some Stevia to make it sweet.

And I'll replace the tomatoes with red peppers.

That way it's "Hippocrates-compatible"!

Bon Appetit!



  (can also double as CRACKERS)


-(this is not RAW, so it's not really ALIVE, but it's very healthy all the same)-


This wonderfully crisp and spicy-tasty bread looks delicious and tastes oh so good!

It is very different from all other wholegrain breads in that it acts like a good natural medicine with regard to the bowels. The ingredients work together beautifully in that they stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, increase the volume of the bowel contents, and they contribute to the natural detoxification of the bowels. The combination of chia seeds, linseeds/flaxseeds, and Psyllium husks will also help with the rebuilding of the intestinal mucosa.


Bottom of Form

Ingredients for about 10 slices:    Bread ingredients

·         100 g fine oats

·         30 g linseeds / flaxseeds

·         30 g chia seeds

·         60 g sunflower seeds

·         50 g pumpkin seeds

·         100 g millet flour (ground millet)

·         1 teasp. Psyllium husks (powder)

·         25 g walnuts – in small pieces


Other ingredients incl. liquids and spices

·         200 ml water

·         ½ teasp. Himalayan salt

·         ½ teasp. ground fennel

·         ½ teasp. ground anisseed

·         ½ teasp. ground cumin

·         ½ teasp. ground co­ri­an­der seeds

·         2 tablesp. olive oil for brushing on


Preparation               takes about 30 min. to prepare

Preheat oven to  180° C.

Myself I use a baking tray out of heat-resistant glass.

Put all ingredients (except the olive oil) into a big bowl. Stir it into a “bread dough”, knead thoroughly by hand until it doesn’t tend to stick to the bowl anymore.

If the dough is too damp, just add a bit of millet flour. If it’s too dry, just add a bit of water.

Let the dough rest for an hour or so.

Now put the dough into the baking tray and if you like you can press it down well, so that it’s evenly flat within the “tin”. But I just take it out of the bowl in one piece and put it into the tray, - done.

Put the baking tray into the oven and bake for about 20-25 minutes, - you can gauge it yourself: 20 minutes if you like it a bit softish, 25 minutes if you want it crisper. Then take it out and let it cool down. When it's not hot anymore, use a brush to spread the oil evenly over the top of the bread, or simply drip some over the bread, drop by drop. Just don't soak it with the  oil.


If you like you can cut the bread slices into nice shapes.

The bread will keep for at least 2-3 days when covered.

Please note: When eating this bread, the seeds (Chia, linseed/flaxseed, and Psyllium husks) require enough fluid for soaking within your body. So after eating some of the bread one should drink at least 2 glasses of water or juice etc.

You may like to eat a nice carrot/celery salad and fresh seed sprouts and a few slices of cucumber with the bread, or use any other salad; also nice with a veggie soup.

Or otherwise perhaps just drink some freshly juiced carrot juice along with your bread.



Lots of phantastic recipes can also be found at

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By the way, HEALTHY HABITS in Wicklow town (Ireland) run RAW FOOD CLASSES.

Click on .


When you choose a recipe to prepare, please remember that your particular health condition might require you to stay away from certain ingredients.

RAW VEGAN might not be enough to describe your personal diet.

And recipes are rarely written just for one health condition.

No problem, see further down, please, - you can adjust almost any recipe to your special requirements!

For full enjoyment!


To give you an example: 

Went to a "Slow Food Market" (as opposed to "fast food") today. All home-made wild-grown etc., herbs, mushrooms, jams, chutneys, breads, cakes, etc etc. Very inspirational. At one stand I tried a tiny little chocolate cake sample which was phantastic, but of course I'm not allowed any of what was in it. I asked the lady for the recipe, which she happily recited to me, - she knew I wouldn't bake to eat it anyway: Dark chocolate, butter, castor sugar, eggs, flour, and wild blueberries soaked in brandy. I thought on my feet and came up with an alternative recipe:  Cocoa or carob mixed with almond butter or another nut butter, a little stevia, ground linseeds instead of eggs, buckwheat flour or ground quinoa and some ground nuts, and wild blueberries soaked in lemon/orange juice and perhaps cinnamon, and all flexible to a consistency that it can either be cooled/hardened in the fridge, or dried at max. 43 centigrees in the dehydrator, - not baked. Doesn't that sound lovely? And I said to Hilda, that's the friendly lady's name, I'll call this raw cake "death by Hilda" (instead of "death by chocolate"). We had a great old laugh, and I took one of her cards with me so I can share my results with her. The market took place in a village next to Aughrim, and I was also pleasantly surprised at the beauty of the November landscape there. But I was especially pleased to come away with the idea of preparing that lovely "raw cake" at home and thus perpetuating the beautiful atmosphere of that market. (Hilda's email address for the real thing:      - located in Summerhill, Co. Meath, Ireland).


And almost any recipe can be changed into being "Hippocrates-compatible".

All you need to do is replace the less ideal ingredients with better options.

The following list will help a little with that.


Raw Living Healthy Substitutes

in recipes  (so you can adjust nearly any recipe)



...Sugar (for sweetness) replace with Stevia, Vanilla, Cinnamon, (Coconut sugar?) 

...Agave/Maple syrup (for sweetness) replace with Stevia etc., 

(for sticky texture) replace with Stevia plus binders (look under “Eggs”)


-Table Salt (for taste) replace with Himalaya salt or Sea salt, 

or instead use Celery (celery dried & ground), 

or use Sea veg. (either in small bits, or soak sea veg in water and use the soaking 


possibly use phytoplankton


-Eggs (for binding)replace with Psyllium seeds/husks/fiber, 

or Flaxseeds ground and soaked in water,

or Chia seeds soaked in water or other appropriate fluids such as lemon juice, 

or AgarAgar. For pies use pumpkin puree. 

For taste some use sulfur salt, but that needs a bit of researching for its health 




...Milk (for colour) replace with rice milk, oat milk, coconut milk, best: almond mylk. 

- For taste replace with Almond, Hemp, &other Nut & Seed mylks, 

Coconut mylk/-water,  to taste.

...Buttermilk (for taste) replace with Lemon juice with rice milk, stir, let stand for 

30 minutes.

...Butter/Margarine (as a spread) replace with semi-soft Coconut oil, 

ripe avocado, tahini (sesame paste), nut butters, hummus, 

a mix of avocado-tahini-lemon juice

...Cheese (for taste) replace with Cashew/Macadamia “cheese”, nut and seed 

cheeses,  or Nutritional Yeast “cheese” sauce (if your diet allows it). 

...Cream replace with Coconut milk, cashews/macadamias w. water, 

- savoury w. salt and lemon juice,

- sweet w Stevia

...Icecream replace with home-made Dairy-free icecream 

such as Lemon icecream or Nut icecream

...Yoghurt replace with home-made Coconut “yoghurt”, or fermented oats


- Meat (for feel and taste) replace with Nuts, raw nut pates, 

raw meet balls from nuts/seeds, Mushrooms


- Fish  (for taste) replace with sea veg. Dulse/kelp, etc., possibly smoked varieties


- Flour replace with Buckwheat flour, Millet flour, Quinoa flour, perhaps Teff flour. 

You can also use -Sprouted grains for raw “breads” (minimally sprouted). 

Or -Almond flour, Coconut flour.


- Bread incl. Wholemeal Bread, replace it with Sprouted “bread”, 

dehydrated flax crackers, 

Essene bread,

also Lettuce wraps, Flaxseed/Apple/Carrot wraps


- Pasta replace with Raw “spaghetti” from squashes, courgette/zucchini, 

or root veg.;  sea “spaghetti”


- Animal fat (depending on intended use) replace with Cold pressed coconut oil, 

fresh coconut, Olive oil, 

Hemp seed oil or better whole hemp seeds,

Flax seed oil or whole organic flax seeds,

Nuts, nut butters


-Beverages incl. water (tap water)  replace with Distilled water, Reverse Osmosis water, 

low mineral spring water, water bottled in glass bottles, juices


- Tea (i.e. Black tea) replace with Herbal teas, 

also teas from “savoury” herbs such as Rosemary


- Soft drinks, replace with -lemon juice without or with stevia (but not stevia w. Sugar!),

-coconut water (fresh), -veggie juices, green juices!, -Dr. Schulze Superfood drink


- Condiments

...Mayonnaise replace with Pumpkin seed “mayo”, avocado “mayo”

...Ketchup replace with Bellpepper raw “ketchup” with onion, stevia, etc.


- Pasta sauces  replace with Raw “pesto”; Nut “cheese” salsa, nut butters, Bellpepper raw “ketchup”


- Spreads  replace with ripe Avocado, Raw “Pesto”, Salsa, Guacamole, Nut pates, 

nutbutters, nut “cheeses”, coconut butter, tahini, hummus,

or a Mixture of avocado-tahini-lemon juice, 

or even Home-made real Nutella

or jam preserves without added sugar.


-Sweets  replace them with Raw cookies, raw cakes, dehydrated crackers/chips,

Raw desserts (eg. Soaked Chia with soaked Goji Berries, soaked Almonds, 

Cinnamon, Stevia, lemon juice, water - mmmh!)


- Cookies, cakes replace those with Raw cookies, raw cakes, raw pies,

dehydrated cookies.


Why eat raw vegan?

The body can only recuperate with food that is “species-specific”, and that is raw vegan food. In the zoo the zoo-keepers are always very particular to feed their animals only species-specific food, otherwise they wouldn’t be at their best. Don't we deserve the same?!

When you eat food that is ALIVE,

and tasty at the same time (- yes, that's possible),

you really do yourself a big favour,

and you'll feel so much better.



(now scroll down a little, please - thank you)

Raw Living Food

Vegan food is fairly good.

Balanced vegan food is better.

RAW vegan is best.


Because not all vegan is healthy.

Beer and Pretzels are vegan. So are chips and crisps. 

Aubergines fried in vegetable oil - that sounds healthy

and is vegan too, but the heated fat can cause problems.


What we're aiming for is 

LIVING food, RAW plant-based food,

full of vitamines and enzymes, plus other nutrients.

Living food is original, it's recognisable to the body

(and not denatured), therefore it truly nourishes you.

Raw living food also hydrates you, it even detoxes you.

It helps your body to repair and regenerate itself.

Raw living food is for the optimum health benefit

to our lives.


Raw living food is able to improve or even heal lots of

conditions. One of them is diabetes. "Simply Raw" is

a video I can recommend to watch.

People with arthritis, high cholesterol, and many other

illnesses incl. cancer have found that they get better or

even heal completely when staying on a raw living food diet.

One reason being that raw living food is mostly

alkaline-forming in the body. If the body environment

can be at the same pH as blood (7.365), this promotes

healthy functioning of organs, tissues, cells.


With raw living vegan plant-based food you'll still have

to focus on getting your Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, calcium, 

iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, etc.


But with RAW plant-based food you're cutting out a lot of

acidifying food, as cooking / baking / heating (beyond 42

or 43 centigrees) makes food acidifying during digestion,

and many nutrients, vitamins, enzymes are destroyed.

By eating Raw plant-based food you're also avoiding

processed and denatured food, along with many chemicals.


A raw diet provides you with better health and energy /

vitality, it slows aging, and it promotes healing.


Make sure you get fresh produce, it must be ripe

(as unripe fruits etc. will lack nutrients and even rob you

of nutrients).

Variety is important, get all colours of the rainbow,

you want to get a great DNA variety into your diet.

Green leaves are powerful due to their chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is very similar to hemoglobin, so you can

imagine how valuable chlorophyll is to the body.

Green juices are one of the best things you can do

for yourself.


Raw nuts and seeds in moderation are a great source

of healthy fats, it's best to soak them before eating.

Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are important,

10 walnut halves per day might already cover your

daily requirement. And there are flax seeds, chia seeds,

hemp seeds, seaweed, leafy greens, cabbage vegetables,

berries, and herbs & spices such as cloves, marjoram,

oregano, tarragon. Also Mangoes and Honeydew melons.


Raw living food as your diet preference makes your

shopping trips easier and quicker, as the list is much



Here are some items to go on the shopping list:


A variety of fruits and berries (raspberries, blueberries, etc.,

lemons, oranges, bananas, pineapple, mango, avocados,


  • Fresh vegetables from the supermarket, the market,

  • or directly from your garden, ideally organic

  • Leafy greens (kale, spinach, cabbage, romaine lettuce)

  • and even herbs/leaves from your garden (to eat or for

  • juicing)

  • Raw nuts and seeds for soaking/sprouting

  • Quinoa, millet, buckwheat for soaking

  • Brown/green lentils, peas, chickpeas, mung beans for

  • sprouting

  • Probiotic-rich foods such as raw sauerkraut, water kefir



When going out you don't want to be an embarrassing 

burden to others who are not used to your diet, so it's

a good idea to be prepared.

Bring ripe Avocados,

raw seeds and nuts,

raw bread and flax crackers and similar dehydrated items,

incl. kale chips,

dried fruits,

herbs and spices you like,

dried sea veg / Nori sheets,

himalayan salt,

your own tea bags or dried teas,


your own prepared dressing in a small jar,


You might prepare some vegetables such as cucumbers or

tomatoes or so,

or how about some fresh salsa or guacamole,

perhaps bring some juices with you.




Foods to avoid:

Apart from the obvious (i.e. meat, fish, eggs, dairy),

Avoid roasted nuts and seeds, - replace them with

raw / dried nuts and seeds, and soak them before eating.

Avoid soya products

Avoid wheat (bread, pasta, etc.) - except wheatgrass which

is absolutely fine.

Avoid vinegar and replace with citrus juice.

Avoid honey and replace with date paste or stevia.

Avoid refined sugar and foods that contain it. Replace with

stevia, dates, other dried fruits,

Avoid table salt, replace it with Himalayan salt.



Myself I'm aiming at being 80-90% RAW.

The other 10-20% are harmless compromises, - I wouldn't

touch meat of any description with a barge pole,

nor do I eat eggs or things that contain them, and

I completely avoid all dairy, incl. cows and goats milk and

their products. and whatever contains dairy.

I try my best to stay off fish.

To get enough protein (and I've been told that I was short

of albumin for some reason) I have bought Sprouted and

fermented raw whole grain brown rice protein, it has

a complete Amino acid profile, has no gluten or

GMO ingredients, is soy-free and dairy-free, it's a vegan

powder, and they sell it in 1 kg bags at HEALTHY HABITS

in Wicklow town (Ireland).

(Manufactured by ).

So apart from vegan mixed salads (dressings can contain

olive oil and lemon juice and perhaps pineapple juice), 

I eat very dark brown rye bread with sunflowers or a similar

rye fitness bread of German origin, or rice cakes without salt.

As a spread I love soft aubergines, and raw Tahini is very

good too, and occasionally tomato paste.

During the cold part of the year I make raw soups, they are

warm but not heated above 42-43 centigrees.

The vegetables are cut very small and warmed

(barely "heated") in water at that temperature

for a number of hours. Add garlic and ginger, 

some lovely herbs including lovage, and cayenne pepper

as well as himalaya salt, and there's a lovely soup for you.

Other meals can consist of stuffed vegetables, eg. peppers,

courgettes, avocados, which contain tasty fillings and are

warmed in the dehydrator.

Burgers will contain no meat but chickpeas or nuts or


Pizza can be alive and raw, looks like pizza, tastes like

pizza, but is raw and vegan.

Cheeses can be made from nuts.

Pasta is a spiralised vegetable, and Rice is cauliflower

after chopping.

Sushi can be made purely vegan.

There are many possibilities of sauces, dressings,


Crackers, wraps, and breads can be made without flour

and are completely raw, just dehydrated.

And of course there are sweet desserts and cakes as well,

often with a nut base, often with berries/fruits, and always

utterly delicious.

In between everything else, there a lovely juice

combinations, smoothies, and even a healthy "coffee" and

also hot chocolate (with mylk, not milk).

So really, there is no excuse, raw living vegan food has it all.

You need a bit of extra forethought perhaps, to soak or

sprout something in advance, or to allow more preparation

time and warming time, - but the results are definitely

worth all the efforts.


In the kitchen you need:

Good kitchen knife (or knives), 

a cutting board,

a juicer, preferably a masticating juicer, - maybe also

a citrus juicer,

a good blender,

a "bullet" sort of smoothie maker, also doubles for grinding

nuts and seeds,

a grinder,

a food processor,

a food dehydrator,

a spiraliser,

a julienne,

Also cake tins,

a colander, and big and small sieves,

mixing bowls,

food containers (preferably glass) with lids.



What foods to buy:

Apart from fresh fruits and vegetables,

- beans: mung beans, lentils, adzuki beans

- nuts: almond, brazil, cashew, hazelnuts, pecans, pistachio,


- seeds: hemp, mustard seeds, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds,

sesame seeds, sunflower seeds

- for sprouting: alfalfa, peas for baby pea greens, broccoli

seeds, radish, red clover, sunflower seeds in shells, etc

- dry spices: allspice, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, cloves,

cumin, curry powder, garlic powder, ginger, ground mustard,

nutmeg, mild chilli powder, mixed spice, onion powder, paprika,


- fresh spices and seasoning: garlic, ginger root

- herbs (dried/fresh): basil, chives, coriander, dill, oregano,

mint, parsley, rosemary, thyme, sage

- dried fruits: apricots, dates, figs, raisins / sultanas,


- oils: coconut oil (is firm in cold climates), olive oil,

sunflower oil

- other: cocoa, dessicated coconut, dulse flakes, nori sheets, 

vanilla extract or vanilla pod, peppermint extract, rum essence,

sea salt or Himalaya salt, tamari.



And finally:

I know - and don't I know it?! - that it might not come easy

to you to eat raw, especially in the winter half year.

However, if you always prepare food with LOVE, - and only

prepare food when you can put LOVE into it -, it'll be better

and easier for you. Don't just grab something and shovel it

into your mouth. Take your time over preparing it with love.


And there's no need to feel deprived, - you only deprive

yourself of bad health - or worse health - and all that goes

with it.

Click on "good recipes" (above) and see how many good meals

and treats you can have while making yourself feel

SIMPLY WELL, and on that same page scroll down and see

how you can virtually change any recipe into something healthy!


And then, when you eat it, always CHEW your food very

thoroughly. Then it's much easier to digest.


And be grateful for your food. Having the best food - raw

living vegan food - is a privilege!







Raw vegan PIZZA


Photo by SOL in Wicklow town.

Raw vegan Wraps filled with raw goodies incl. sprouted seeds.


Photo by SOL in Wicklow town.

Eat so as to be kind to your body.

Right column: some of Angie's latest artwork.