Little book:                       OLIVER - the Feel-Good Bear

A gentle educational story for children.


Oliver, the Feel-Good teddybear, has got lost by a little girl at the Lavender Farm.

From now on he has to fend for himself.

The small and very small animals of the countryside help him to learn what to do.

He loves his new life, and he wants others to be happy too.


This little 32-page book also contains a few pages for budding artists,

for colouring in with colour pencils.


You can buy the little book at the Wexford Lavender Farm                     ( ) from September 2017,


you can order it from this website, and it will be sent directly to your doorstep.


The price is € 5.99 (plus postage).

(Or order 11 for the price of 10, plus postage, - this applies only to online orders.)



This is the first of a series of little educational books which are in preparation.

The subjects go in the direction of wildlife and wildflowers. 

Always gentle and educational, artistic and natural.






Right column: some of Angie's latest artwork.