Get Well, Enjoy Art!

Is there life after a major diagnosis??   


Y E S , there is !!!


Dr. Brian Clement mentioned in one of his lectures

at Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida that 

you can eat the most perfect food on earth 

and still be sick 

if you are stressed out, 

never exercise, 

or have no joy or relaxation in your life.


Remember: Life is a gift, rather than a problem to be solved.


So perhaps a new view of oneself would be in order?

Somebody has once put it this way:

BE yourself, - ACCEPT yourself, - VALUE yourself, - FORGIVE yourself, -

BLESS yourself, - EXPRESS yourself, - TRUST yourself, - LOVE yourself, -



Art can help you on your journey to get well.

When you have an ongoing chronic illness,

whether annoying or life-threatening, stress is constant
The following is meant to give you IDEAS on how to get joy

and thus handle your daily stress better

and get some relaxation

through art.


Why Ari

            good foyou


-       Makes you feel good
-       Art can raise the quality of life, it gives you enjoyment and 

-       Art promotes self-esteem, confidence, and personal fulfillment
-       Art is therapeutic, whether alone or with others
-       Art helps the brain to reach its full potential by activating the 

creative part of the brain (right side)
-       Right-brain activity refreshes you, it relaxes the left side
-       Art helps you to think and feel openly, gives you more freedom
-       The creative expression of thoughts and emotions empowers you;

it might surprise you what you can discover, as artistic expression may explain the previously hidden or unknown; the subconscious needs expression. 

-     Art can lift us out of the routine and reveal beauty and magnificence.

-    It provides you with new visual experiences

-    When immersing yourself in art that challenges your particular talents and makes time stand still, you're in flow, and it feels really good, you notice it most when you come out of it.

-       Art teaches you very practically that problems have more than one 

-       Art helps the brain find knowledge and even to understand itself
-       Gives you a general sense of relief
-       Art might make you laugh
-       It gives your thinking a break
-       Art can reduce pain, anxiety, depression, tension and improve 

mental, emotional, and physical states
-       Art can relax you and relieve stress (Stress is a poison! 

Neuropeptides – watch your immune system).
-       The creative act can have a healing effect on body and mind 
-       Anyone can be creative somehow, no matter what abilities they 

-       Some put their innovative visions into artwork (such as Leonardo 

da Vinci did); you might do something unique!
-       Your artwork can create a beautiful environment for you, adorn 

your house, especially if you can make the ordinary into something 

extraordinary and special
-       Art can help you to communicate with others, it can open other 

people’s eyes and understanding in various ways, as pictures speak 

louder than words
-       With art you can tell a story, record an event, a specific time, or 

a place,  remember the past, or commemorate an object or a person, 

and it might help you to come to grips with certain facts
-       Art might help you with your identity culturally and otherwise
-       You can create an illusion with art and thus escape for a while 

which is relaxing


Scientific studies (involving people who are limited by illness or old age) have found that KEEPING THE MIND FLEXIBLE helps to reduce stress.

One brilliant way is doing art.

(Other ways include reading books, travelling, going to cultural events,

furthering one's education, playing music, etc., these are good too). 

Do as many different things as possible ( ... but not all at once, hahaha ...).

Turn off mindless TV.

Take a course in something you enjoy, - it could be art lessons ...

Such activities LIFT THE SPIRIT and also RE-WIRE THE BRAIN.


People get well when they learn self-respect, a purposeful life.


TODAY is yours to shape, - Create a MASTERPIECE today / of the day!


So go ahead and give yourself permission to do art. 

You can only benefit.


          ART IS FUN !


The creative process in the making of artwork

has been found to be HEALING AND UPLIFTING.

The art experience is known to make pain more bearable,

and it can allow you to progress and to grow and to heal emotionally.


Especially NATURE images lift the spirits,

give a few painfree moments, giving yourself a break when needed.


They can help heal the SOUL

which in turn has positive physical health effects,

it helps to heal the BODY.


If that's true with just LOOKING at a beautiful scene,

then how much more so when you

start DRAWING/PAINTING / CREATING something beautiful.


If you are new to artistic expression,


(a box of colour pencils will do),

and then

TAKE A FEW LESSONS in drawing / painting.


You could even do that over the Internet:

--- order the colour pencils perhaps via ebay,

and then

--- select an art lesson website such as 




or especially  (=Angie's website) ,

                     just click on ART LESSONS there,

                     because NOW you can do

                     Art lessons with Angie,

                     right on this website,

                     even ONLINE,

                     no matter where you live,

                     from the comfort of your home,

                     just click on     ART LESSONS  (above, just scroll up, please).


----- So what’s YOUR NEXT STEP ? -----


-Think of a piece of art you would like to do.

  Could be a drawing to start with. Or maybe a painting.

  Or even some artistic crocheting.


- Break the process down into steps you can handle.


- Make a start, begin with step no. 1.  (steps see further down)


- If a step seems too big, break it down into baby steps,

  and then start. Just start, that's the main thing. Get going!


=== 4 STEPS ===


Find references, something that looks like you want to do.



Make a composition outline or a plan.


Decide on colours and whether you want to use colour pencils or watercolours or acrylics or oils etc.

Start with an easy detail in the picture, and don't worry about the rest.







Have FUN !!!

Good for

Stress Relief


Draw miniatures.

Just 5 cm x 5 cm square.


Get a pencil, maybe colour pencils too.


Could be little landscapes, - or simply doodling.


Take 15 minutes or half an hour, just what works for you, so you can lose yourself in the mini picture and let time go by generously.

They say,

If you have a song within you, sing,

If you have a poem within you, write,

If you have a picture within you, paint or draw,

- Express yourself! It's good for you!



My friend Tina expressed herself by writing the following poem:




Beautiful trees, large leaves
Hanging in the air
A trunk so tall.
Roots reaching to the ground

Through my leaves air I breathe
Water I drink through my entwined roots
Tall and beautiful, I stand proudly
Straight backed and reaching to the sky
How pretty I look, dressed in my autum leaves
Every shade and every colour, I stand still
Then the wind strikes, I stand naked and bare
Shuddering in the breeze
For a while, I stand rooted to the spot
Then see buds appearing, opening gradually
With a persuasion, a gentle glimmer of hope
Will I open or will I drop?
Will I die or will I rot?
The summer is here, and I dress myself again
I am all in green, my buds have made it
I feel so happy, I am still alive
Healthy and well
I've hardened myself, yet for another year.



And here is a poem of my own:



Sheets of ice on the pond, 

pretty but not what we want.

Sheets of ice on the road

mean a longer hibernation for the toad.

Icy mornings with frosty grass,

seeing cold days only through window glass ...

It’s time for nature to warm up again,

time for taking long walks through the glen.

Time for the tulips to pop through the ground,

for snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils to be found.

How we yearn for sparrows, swallows, and starlings,

for ducks to be pursued by their little yellow darlings.

For the bare trees to wear leafy garments again,

and for the baby foxes to come out of their den.

For the young lambs to hop and jump freely around,

for laughter among everybody to abound.

We’ll be happy to toil in the garden to see

new plants growing, and hearing the bumblebee

swirling around the honeysuckle – well that sounds more like summer 

though ...

But that’s what we’re dreaming of at present,

whether we’re a human, a sheep, or a pheasant.

Winter has had its time, but now we need springtime,

and that’s all there is to this rhyme!

And if you want to sing,

Here's a good website for you, whether you think you're good at it or not:

and here's about the question "Can Anyone Learn to Sing?"

Of course, ART (in whatever way expressed) cannot solve all your problems, but it is good for you, especially emotionally.


Right column: some of Angie's latest artwork.