A Fresh Start with Purpose

A fresh start with purpose


You’re coming out of a low patch in your life, perhaps healthwise or otherwise, and you’d like to redirect your life in a purposeful way.


1)      Take a real break from all the distractions in your normal routine, unclutter your mind, live very simply for a while, and ask yourself in which direction you want to go. Sit on that question while you spend time outside in nature, perhaps walk barefoot on grass or on the beach, listen to birdsong and other natural sounds. Eat simple foods, drink lots of water, and just allow yourself to think.


2)      Ask yourself, What is it I don’t want anymore? And then find a way to minimise or stop those things. If you’re in the wrong movie in life, get out and make a real change.


3)      And what do I want to pursue from now on? If nothing would stop me, and if I couldn’t fail, what would I want to be doing with my life? Weigh up a few possibilities in your mind. What would really give you deep satisfaction?  What would you like to look back to in a few decades and say “Yes, I’ve done it!” - ?


4)      Create a picture or vision in your mind about the one big thing in life you’d like to accomplish and keep doing. Make it lively and real. Imagine your new daily life in all details from morning to next morning. How would it feel after a decade? How would it affect you? How would it affect others How would people see you? Which difficulties, stress, anxieties would you need to consider?


5)      Read up about your goal in books and google your ideas, talk to others about them, especially to people who already do what you aspire to do.


6)      Do a trial run before you commit yourself, perhaps by assisting somebody in the activity in question.


7)      If your gut feelings and your brain tell you that it’s right, then be courageous and put your energy into your new activities. Take at least one little step in the right direction every day, and don’t let silly things put you off.


8)      If you feel energised in return by doing them, you’ll know that you have found what you love.




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