Detoxing and Colon Cleansing

DETOXING has become a household word.


We need to detox the body PHYSICALLY,

and often the MIND needs a good clean-out as well.



Dr. Schulze from is well known for not mincing his words when it comes to BOWELS.


To get to know his excellent bowel detox, you can read his little book for free online,

... so I don't have to explain anything! I'll just say one thing, from experience, it works!


His products can be bought via his website

or from  if you live in Ireland or UK.



The LYMPH SYSTEM also needs detoxing.

Here is an article about it:

In summary, we could do Rebounding, or use an Inversion table,

or have a lymph massage (lymph drainage),

and/or use dry-brushing,

and replace tight-fitting clothes (incl. bras) with loose clothes,

and use lemon water, take enzymes, eat raw vegan food,

and exercise regularly.

Not to forget herbs such as Red Clover, Cleavers, and others.

A good herbal recipe for Lymph Oedema is the following:

(I've found it in the Forum, which is a forum of physio therapists)

Lymphtea Recipe:
Red Coneflower / Echinacea          Roter Sonnenhut                   -> 10 g
Root of Dandelion                          Löwenzahnwurzel                    -> 6g 
Greens of Milk Thistle                    Mariendistelkraut                   -> 10 g
Rue / Herb Rutae                           Rautenkraut                          -> 10 g
Hemp agrimony                              Wasserdost                           -> 7 g
Yello Hay Flower / Melilotus off.      Steinkleekraut                       -> 10 g
Yarrow greens                                Scharfgabenkraut                 -> 10 g
Cotton grass                                   Wollblumen                           -> 10 g


One source where this herbal mixture of dry herbs can be ordered from

(at least within Germany, if not even further afield)  is


Kraeuter-Drogerie v.KENNE in Hadwigstr. 7,

in 78224 Singen/Germany,

Phone (0049) (0)7731 62304,
their website is   

and their email address is



When it comes to detoxing the MIND,

I've found a 4-step programme in an article:

1. Guard your eyes

2. Guard your thoughts

3. Guard your steps

4. Don't give up

This can apply not only to moral issues

but indeed to anything that toxifies the mind.



After proper detoxing you will feel 


relieved, free !


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