LIFE - Design it!

Are you happy? Are you healthy?

Is your life simply the product of your upbringing, your surroundings,

and the things that have happened to you and to people and

the environment around yourself?

Do you ever feel like a boat that's drifting?

Or a boat that's on the beach and gets nowhere?

Maybe it has gone places before but it's stuck now?

Where are you going to be in a few years time?

Don't just let it happen by a string of coincidences.



The people that achieve things in life


a clear vision of what they want, 

clear plan of how they are going 

to get there, 

and the ability to follow this through

to completion.


Drift, or be stuck, - or Design your life!


Take responsibility for your own life,

Re-invent your life!


Back to the drawing board!


Design your life!


Life is to be designed, lovingly and carefully!


YES, you CAN go from

   sad, disappointed, feeling dead inside, 

   with the body having gone into degeneration, deterioration, etc.

into being

   happy, satisfied and alive with drive,

   alive mentally, emotionally, and physically,

doing it step by step.


Everyone should take time out once in a while

to ponder and reconsider and take stock

and to change direction if necessary,

to recharge and revitalize one's energy,

because when you go in the wrong direction,

it's a waste of time and energy. 

To have a balanced life you need to set aside a little time sometimes

to get closer to your dreams and ambitions.



Plan your day, today. What do you want to accomplish today? 

Plan your week and your months. 

Plan everything in line with your goals, so that whatever you do,

it will take you closer to your dreams and goals (realistic goals).

You can do it, you can reach your goal, step by step. 

Plan out your steps or what you need to do to get there. 

And then get to work!

Don't procrastinate, don't put it off.

VISUALISE the goals you're trying to reach.

VISUALISE that it all has come true already.

And then ACTION is needed.

Commit to your goals. Pick 1 or 2 or 3 significant goals

that are meaningful to you,

and devote time and effort to pursue them.


Take baby steps towards one goal every day, eg.

- email somebody that might help in some way,

- go somewhere if it would help towards your goal,

- gather information and things towards your goal,

just make sure to keep your promise to yourself

to do one thing towards your dream and your goal every day.

--- And then after 2 weeks of this, look back at what you have done,

and notice how much closer you are to your goal already.

Now do another 2 weeks of this.


Commit to a process, to a system of action. JUST DO IT !


TODAY is yours to shape.

Create a MASTERPIECE of this day!

And do it again tomorrow, and the day after that.


But HOW?  How will I dig myself out of my rut?


- Start with "WHERE AM I ?"

Analyse it and take enough time over it, thinking and feeling.

Identify which part of your status quo you like, and which you'd rather do without.


- Next think about "WHAT DO I REALLY WANT?"

Think and feel freely and allow ideas to surface.


Ask youself

= What do I really love in life?

  (What excites you, makes you alive, gives you satisfaction?

  When you're doing something that is fun or about which you're passionate,

  you feel an abundance of energy and you're happy.)

= What have I accomplished so far?

  (Your successes, your strengths, things you're good at).

= What would I do if I had no fear, no limits, but all the money and freedom I need?

   What would be my ideal lifestyle, my most desired activities?

   (What would you want to do with the time and money you would have?)

   (Because if you have no dream, no dream can come true!).

= What kind of person do I really want to be?

   (What inspires you the most? What do you really admire in others?)


Make a decision that comes from your gut. Or else your mind might

talk you out of it: why you might fail, or what others might (judgmentally)

think of it.


Life CAN be very meaningful and fulfilling.

If it isn't at the moment, then start NOW to design it carefully

so it will be very meaningful and fulfilling.


And then don't be content with just DESIGNING your life.

Do something about it.

Remember that STRUCTURE can actually enhance our creativity and productivity.

WISH it, DREAM it, DO it, LIVE it.


Life favours those who show courage and take action 

to move their dreams forward.


BUT  -  "my health isn't up to scratch!"- What can I do ???


Then VISUALISE the goal you're trying to reach (in this case better health).

VISUALISE that it all has come true already. IMAGINE yourself well.

And then ACTION is needed in the right direction.

Commit to a process, to a system of action. DO IT !

(And don't just always focus on yourself, focus on the cause you want to pursue!)


You could go to and read this great little book online for free, Dr. Richard Schulze's 20 Steps towards better health.



And here is Dr. Patch Adams’ Prescription for Your Health:

(Source: )


"The first step in being healthy is to have a genuine, loving compassion for yourself.

Have a multifaceted lifestyle — do a lot of interesting stuff.
Choose wellness.
Celebrate the miracle of every single day.
Search within yourself for what you believe unconditionally, not what someone else has told you.
Develop as many close friendships as possible.
Cultivate your sense of play and creativity.
Exercise regularly.
Eat the healthiest, freshest foods you can find.
Live life so fully that you have no regrets if you become seriously ill or disabled."

--- As it is, Dr. Patch Adams helps people who ARE already ill. So what does he recommend?

"Take responsibility for your own health.

Be related to other human beings as members of the same community.

Employ any reasonable (!) healing technique that works.

Give people the gifts of compassion, listening and time.

And while you're at it, have some fun, why don’t you?" 
Patch Adams runs his GESUNDHEIT INSTITUTE with this adage: 

“To provide a context that will promote wellness,

we fully integrate medicine with crafts, performing arts, agriculture, nature,

education, recreation and social service,” Adams says.

“We don’t think depressed and anxious people need prescription antidepressants;

they need to find their own love of life."


Choose to make the rest of your life the best of your life!


A life lived of choice is a life of conscious action.
A life lived of chance is a life of unconscious creation.

-Neale Donald Walsh







Common Sense has all but gone out of the window these days.


Robert Lumsden wrote a book with “23 steps to success and achievement”, described as “psychological blueprint for planning your life”.


I have read his book and summarised the main points. What follows is my summary.


-HEALTH- Think: "I have no serious physical defect. My body is fundamentally sound." Trust your body more. It will do what you expect it to do, namely be well. Give the body what it needs in the quantities it needs.


-SPEAKING- Develop a liking for words. Keep a word-book (eg. “cybernetics means …”). Increase your vocabulary. Use dictionary. Read widely. Study groups of words.


-CONCENTRATION- Room: quiet, ventilated, lighted, warmed. You must be unconscious of the body to give undivided attention to what you study. Refuse to dream or wander with eyes. Write notes or draw sketches on the subject. Have breaks after 1 hour. Learn thoroughly. Decide to master the subject-matter. Say: My concentration is improving. Set goals. Stretch your brain.


-MEMORY- Suggest to yourself that your memory is improving. Begin trusting your memory instead of a list. If you want to remember to do something, imagine doing it. Master your material before you memorise it. Make diagrams, sketches. Explain the subject-matter to somebody. Wilfully remember (eg. somebody’s name). Maintain interest. Learn wholes rather than parts. Repetition, little and often. Eg. 8 points: Summarise by 1 word each, form a sentence with the initial letters. Association, form links with familiar things or persons.


-NEW POSITIVE EMOTIONS- Mental spring-cleaning. Pessimism: Don’t expect bad things (I’ll never …). Expect good things. Now YOU will control your circumstances. WORRY is a waste of nervous energy. It accomplishes nothing, merely undermines your resilience and capacity to deal with the factors causing the trouble. Face your problems courageously, objectively. Do something about them, but refuse to worry. Feelings of inferiority: 1.) Try to recall. 2.) Refuse to allow childhood experiences to mar your adult life. 3.) Always think and speak positively about yourself. 4.) Speak reassuringly to yourself, you are worthy, accepted, respected, loved. 5.) Dwell upon your uniqueness, you are of extreme value. Rare = previous. Guilt: Ask for forgiveness, make amends, forgive yourself. Accept sex-instinct as part of human make-up. Introduce some unselfishness and thoughtfulness, help others, live for others, make somebody happier. Harmony within. Wonderful in an unspectacular way. Be thoughtful, appreciative. No cynicism, bitterness, hatred, jealousy, envy, resentment. Love God and neighbour. See the springtime. No sarcasm, irony, impatience, anger, pride. They make voice harsh, bitter, cold, lifeless.


-ATTRACTIVE VOICE, CLEAR SPEECH- More important than appearance. Imply courtesy, interest, pleasure, willingness, efficiency. Take pride in beautiful voice and speech. Exercise tongue and lips. Read aloud, stress, emphasise, develop tone and resonance. Variety in pitch, speed, emphasis, volume, manner: cheerful, hopeful, friendly, sincere, sympathetic. Become speech conscious. Develop wide interests, keep up to date.


-MORE TACT TOMORROW- Consideration, thoughtfulness. Avoid exposing others’ shortcomings. Show understanding. If unavoidable, commend first. Respect the rights of others, don’t be too personal. Don’t boost yourself. Don’t teach others their jobs. Make people feel at ease, show appreciation, make people feel important, be always courteous, respect what they hold dear. Be punctual, apologise for mistakes immediately, dress according to occasion, don’t be too talkative. Harmony.


-BETTER EMPLOYEE- Be conscientious, punctual, don’t waste anything, do your best. Dress tidy and clean. Develop your speech. Extend education. Take an interest, ask questions. Be willing, be cheerful, keep on good terms. Keep relaxed. Like your work. Focus on positive points.


-IMPROVED IDEALS- Invent, reform, progress. Ideal of perfect health. Aim at a mature personality. (Many are content to remain undeveloped and childish in their emotions, reactions, and characteristics. Fiery temper – used to be called tantrums. A terror whenever disappointed or frustrated – like a spoilt child some retain cocksureness of youth with intolerance, impatience, lack of understanding. Some remain entirely egocentric like small children, never looking beyond the confines of their own hopes and desires.) Don’t rest content while you can find traces of the juvenile. Cultivate patience, tolerance, understanding. Develop always the wide view, broad sympathies, generous interpretation. Know yourself first, then master yourself. Be ambitious to keep mind keen, sensitive, aware. See what is good, beautiful, in nature, in others’ characters. Enjoy poetry, classics, history. Ideals: to yourself and your activities only. Don’t expect marriage mate to be perfect, neither your job, nor your house. Don’t become a perfectionist.


-GOAL: MATURITY- Continue pursuing what you started (hobbies etc.). Accept responsibilities,, refuse selfishness. No narrow intolerance. Don’t expect of a wife what your mother did. No prejudice, without judgment until all facts are known (others suffer; it keeps you from the truth). No superstitions, but knowledge and sane thinking. The mature person knows his limits and knows he is ignorant of many things. Continue learning, reading, be informed about past, hopeful of future. Seek to eradicate fear from your life. Try to understand behaviour, try to help. Be confident of good health. No fear of future, but take necessary steps, confidence, no anxiety. Have tolerance, “live and let live”. Have consideration of others’ feelings, be big enough to do this. Detachment: view a situation impartially and unselfishly, like a children’s party. Assess your own abilities impartially, no pride, no mock modesty. Be constant, reliable, master of your moods. Stick-ability, work for distant objectives that may not materialise for years. Keep cheerful, don’t take yourself too seriously, no self-pity. Take full responsibility for your actions. No scape-goating. No negative emotions such as grudges or hatred, jealousy, envy, meanness.


-MARRIAGE- Realise others’ needs, determined effort to meet them. That makes each other content. Wife should caringly do housework. Husband should reassure her of his love. Example: tea in bed, etc. Escape times, treats, holidays, recreation, outside interests. Books, play the gallant, don’t begrudge the mess a hobby makes. Rather take an interest. To be noticed, admired, liked. Le them know. Take pride in appearance. Recognise sexual needs. Wife has need to look after children. Mutual consideration, place yourself in his shoes. Then, ACTION. Humility, humour. Accept faults, failures, foibles, be big enough to go on loving.


-BETTER COMMUNICATIONS- Self-confidence needed. (Don’t allow childhood experiences to affect you in adult life. Accept your own unique worth. You have a great untapped potential of ability. Keep learning. Develop speech.) Have a genuine liking for others after you have accepted yourself. Draw them out, maintain the flow. “How do you feel about / opinion of … Why?” Feeling, enthusiasm. Sense stress, pauses, clear speech. Prepare well with general interest, etc., also specific subject. Gather material, subheadings, main points, adjust to audience. Few notes. Appearance and delivery: friendly, confident, natural gestures are definite. Love, not fear, your audience. Use nerves to do your best. Be vital. Whet the appetite. Be concrete with words. Enthusiastic speaker causes audience to be the same.


-READING- Love books. Our life is what our thoughts make it. Favourite books are like old friends. Circulate your books. Read only the best. Classics demand patience, effort, concentration. They make you conscious of new glories in the world around you, new interest in people, you grow. Take time. Amusement, escape, relaxed position, enjoy it. Pleasurable, read it again, enjoy it to the full. Knowledge, set out to master the book. Desk, pen, notebook. Study preface. Read headings. Read in your own chosen sequence. See whole passages instead of “hearing” every word. Speed.


-PROBLEMS ARE FOR SOLVING- Courage, clear thinking, faith. Experiences make you wiser, mature, development. Get to terms with a problem: list all facts to make them definite. Clear dispassionate thought, objective. View it from all angles. Write down possible solutions or courses of action. Act in accordance with the highest ideals. Eliminate impracticable steps. Review in the open air. Ask yourself how it will appear in 1 year’s time or later. Return to solutions, decide upon one. Next morning, if it feels good, go ahead. (Confide in a good friend before you go out). Afterwards avoid useless regrets. You did your best. Some problems solve themselves in time. So delay those. Reasonable foresight and imagination may prevent some problems. Tact, thoughtfulness, responsible conduct also help.


-INCREASED HAPPINESS- Serve others. Look upon your daily work that way. Have a hobby, be creative. Like your job. Excel in your work. Be grateful for your sexuality. Consider marriage. Don’t fear insecurity, don’t look for ideal partner. With common sense and unselfishness you can be happy with almost anyone. Keep yourself clean, interesting, attractive. Socialising helps against preoccupation with self. Seek to give. Go out of your way. Think about others more than self. Endure frustrations, disappointments and sorrows bravely, with no fuss and no self-pity.


-WIDER MENTAL HORIZONS- Revive childhood curiosity, keep asking questions. Consult encyclopaedias, use public library, visit museums, attend public lectures, read widely, read to weigh and consider, use TV and radio.


-NO MORE WOOLLY THINKING- Develop your powers of thought. As you read, challenge. (“TRUE?”). Enemies of thought: haste and impatience. Ponder over little sections. Ask How, when why, who, where, what? Think through til satisfied. Discussions help. Beware of false reasoning, such as false generalisations etc., emotional misrepresentations. Thinking is free and high and noble. By thinking you can understand life and universe better, find truth, live more deeply, it may even “pay”, it develops you.


-MORE IMAGINATION- 1.) Read first page of children’s story, finish your own way. 2.) Listen to children at play. 3.) Tell stories to children. 4.) Hearing/reading of events, visualise them. 5.) Common-place object, ask yourself how it could be improved. 6.) Try to solve problems like reducing accidents. 7.) About anything ask: What if it were shorter, longer, thicker, packed differently, grouped with something else? Apply imagination in your home (live somewhere else?), (interior), -work (creatively), -relationships (better), -achievements (what you aspire to be), -personality (see yourself free from blushing); stop brooding on past failures; paint success pictures daily, develop a good self-image or simply change it and modify your behaviour.  Formulate now a vivid and detailed picture of the person you wish to become, and cling to this image.


-PROJECT AFTER PROJECT- Keep busy. Do, make, achieve things. Challenge skill, ingenuity, mind, body. Peace of mind. Idleness and boredom make trouble such as imagined grievances, emotionally-induced aches and pains, self-pity, depression, despair. Work on something, and health will improve (emotionally-induced health), mind will keep alert (idea, planning, accomplishment), see things clearer, therapeutic, you are easier to live with, more balanced and relaxed, self-respect, liking others, earn respect, something to talk about, hurry home to, to anticipate, increased self-confidence. In love with life.


-GOING THE EXTRA MILE- Ennobling! Twice blessed. Service widens horizons, it frees from the domination of self. Art of living. Be thoughtful and go out of your way to do something for others. Be grateful, show it. Be generous. Make people happy.


-BE A BETTER PARENT- Children feel as adults do, even stronger. Wants to feel secure, loved, wanted. Be considerate, don’t expect too much. He is small, weak, ignorant, ordinary, erring. Be a reliable friend. Give reasons if you must impose your will. Play is important for him, creativity, imagination, etc. A busy child is a happy child and no trouble. Grow into a happy well-balanced adult. Encouragement, and example. Don’t expect a spotless home. Don’t say DON’T if DI will do. Give positive guidance, no negative commands. Be a good example, speech, conduct. Exploit their tendency to imitate. Never deceive him about sexual matters. Tell him more as time goes by. A child needs to be aware of constant, harmonious relationships between his parents. Quarrel without him realising. Otherwise he will feel insecure and his loyalties will be divided. Failings shold be glossed over, never enlarged. No nagging, that will not build a sound character. A voluntary adoption of good habits is if consequences are pleasant, praise and reward. Have much thought, imagination, self-discipline.


-ALL SERENE- Enjoy life rather than endure it. Be a master of situations. Reach a balanced evaluation of yourself. Don’t take life and self too serious. I am small, one of millions, I’m glad about it. I am insignificant compared to awesome powers of nature. Insignificant among equals. Face facts. Know your own character and basic urges: 1.) Food, bodily comfort, to feel secure; 2.) to control others, to feel significant or important, 3.) to create – to construct, 4.) to protect the weak and helpless, 5.) to find out, to understand,, to be curious, 6.) to escape from danger,  to preserve oneself, 7.) to gain, possess, acquire, 8.) to laugh, 9.) to fight, to repel the unpleasant, 10.) to submit to a stronger force, to appeal for help, 11.) to mix with others, to be one of a group, to be like others of one’s own set, 12.) to mate with a member of the opposite sex, to reproduce (12. Is probably the strongest), Sexuality or sex instinct is not of itself sinful. – List to understand yourself and others. Knowledge of history helps with perspective. Learn to relax every muscle, close eyes, pass fingertips lightly over forehead several times, let face melt into a smile. While working, conserve energies to reduce strain and fatigue. Smile readily to relax and look attractive. Eradicate hatred and worry.


-ENRICH YOUR LIFE NOW- Tune into the beautiful. Look for beauty. Really look at it. Nature, tastes, music, art. Enjoy the necessary. Enjoy eating, commuting, sleeping in comfort, work as a profession, vocation; relationships. Say NO to the Negatives (no less often). Go forward, accept, venture, try, hope, expect, love. Forget the depressing, rejoice in the good. Develop your potential, see hidden powers developing. I can, I’ll try, I believe. You can get things done. Mostly possibilities remain unrealised. Dormant powers. Exploit them to the full. Say YES to life.



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