Colours in Rooms

Are you tired of your present INTERIOR DESIGN ?

Bored out of your wits when you look around your rooms?

Hoping to make improvements on a shoestring, without spending a lot of money and time?


COLOUR can do so much:


- brings life into the room,

- changes atmosphere and mood,

- can even have a profound influence on one's attitude and behaviour.


Perhaps the best colours for a relaxing home are WHITE, light-BLUE or TURQUOISEGREEN, sunshine YELLOW, and a bit of BROWN. - Why?


WHITE is bright, light, airy, open, gives you a clean feel.


TURQUOISE or light-BLUE, like the sky or the sea, is relaxing and restful, it calms you, makes you feel peaceful, lowers blood pressure.


GREEN, any green, whether dark or fresh and in the general direction of lime green, like a meadow in springtime, or like a green apple, helps to make you optimistic, happy, it comforts you and soothes pain, and yet it feels lively and refreshing due to its restorative and quieting effect.


YELLOW, deep like sunshine, - but only in small doses - brings in optimism and hope, comfort and happiness.


BROWN, like the soil or like tree bark, makes you feel cosy and safe.


If you make WHITE the main colour, turquoise and lime green the secondary colours, and yellow and brown the accent colours, you can get a very balanced and happy atmosphere.


Instead of following design trends, you could try and analyse how a particular colour makes YOU FEEL. Go and have a try! You could google TURQUOISE or go to and enter TURQUOISE, to start with. Then do the same with LIME GREEN, or any other colour.


Then you have the options of changing your room(s) with paint and/or soft furnishing plus a few focus point items.


- paint just the ceiling in your special colour(s),

- paint just one wall in it,

- paint an alcove, and/or a windowsill in it,

Make sure you're minimalistic in any non-neutral colours, don't overload.

And don't allow much in other colours, stick to your chosen colour scheme.

- Have colour cushions, eg. in turquoise and lime green,

- have a throw and/or a blanket and/or the curtains in those colours,

- hang up a large picture / painting which will clearly define the colour scheme for the room,

- and add very few colour highlights (eg. in sunshine yellow) such as in a lampshade and/or a vase.

- Brown items will help to just slightly tone down the generally animated and upbeat atmosphere and make it balanced and cosy.


Here are a few quick examples of the above colour scheme.

See how it makes you feel.

You can of course apply similar rules to other colour combinations in the room(s) you'd like to change, - just remember that the above colours have a very refreshing effect on most people, (while reds, pinks, and black may be enjoyable to you only very temporarily.)


Examples of the white/turquoise/lime green colour scheme:


White dining room, turquoise chairs


White kitchen, with green


Turquoise green white


White turquoise green


Peacock painting and its colours incl brown

In case you will actually choose the above colour scheme, you are welcome to send in photos of the successful outcome of your home makeover or room makeover by email, to be added to this page. (Click on CONTACT.) Thank you.

Enjoy your makeover!








Right column: some of Angie's latest artwork.