Art Lessons

3 options:

1 - in class in Gorey. Please click on GOREY.

2 - online / can be from your own home

3 - at home, 1-to-1 instruction in person

Options 2 and/or 3:

Learn with 1-to-1 attention, 

at your own speed

with assistance,

online via SKYPE and/or EMAIL   -   OR -    in person (highly recommended).



- Gain more creativity and artistic confidence! -


To see my style, please click on PENCIL or WATERCOLOUR or PAINT or just look on the right there at my latest artwork ...

Thank you.


Do Art to Relax and to Learn


-unlock more creativity, gain personal creative fulfilment


-stimulate the brain, both sides


-de-stress, relax


-wash the dust of daily life off your soul, re-focus


-reinvent your life with hope and vision


-be empowered, notice your own potential


-build confidence, artistic and otherwise


-get motivation and inspiration


-learn to see


-express yourself


-no pressure, just enjoyment





For the online art lessons you'll need:

- Computer / Laptop / Tablet, with computer camera

- Internet connection, email + possibly Skype  

- Digital camera / mobile phone w camera   with computer connection (to email your artwork etc.)

- Pencils, medium hardness (not too hard, not too soft)

- Rubber, pencil sharpener

- Colour pencils

- White Paper

- Watercolours


Which of these 5 categories describes 

your artistic abilities best? 

-          Beginnerwould like to draw and/or paint, but don’t really know how or where to start. 

-          Rusty, have done some drawing or painting many years ago, 

            but meantime have become a bit “rusty” at doing any artwork. 

-          Need Inspiration, have had quite a bit of experience in art, 

            but lacking just a bit of inspiration at the moment. 

-          Something new, have done oils/acrylics/drawing/glass painting/... for a while, 

     but would like to try oils/acrylics/drawing/glass painting ...  (please choose) 

-           Draw properly, want to learn from scratch how to draw properly, including portraits. 

Please make a self-estimation and let me know your category

so I can assess your abilities and artistic needs. 

Please also put into words your expectations, 

what exactly you hope to accomplish within say  5  or 10  lessons. 

Email: click on CONTACT, please.

We will establish together how and when to proceed.


(To see what the lessons will include, please click on GOREY and also on ART BOOK. Thank you!).


Prices:  (Please note: Gorey prices are very different: € 5 per person for 2 hrs. in a classroom of up to 10 students, and you pay there and then).

(Please note: Gorey class is full now, others can go on a waiting list or opt for online lessons or personal lessons.)

Initial assessment and  1st lesson (20 min. max)     FREE of charge. 

Regular online lessons (45 min. each) € 15 per lesson (payable via paypal in advance of every lesson - click on PAYMENT).

Regular personal lessons (1-2 hours each) € 20 per hour (payable in cash there                                                                           and then).

Amount can be adjusted by myself (up or down) depending on your requirements and situation / location. These lessons are 1 to 1, you get 100% instruction for 100% of the time.


Art materials:

You get your own art materials. In very special circumstances (such as if you are very disabled) I will get your art materials, and you pay for them in cash.



Right column: some of Angie's latest artwork.