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(NOT downloadable yet, it's work in progress, much more being added to it, not finished yet.

Thank you for your patience.)



... just an overview and a few pictures to whet your appetite ...


Angie's ART BOOK
will take a little while longer to complete, 
but you're invited to come back here from time to time 
to follow its progress ... 


The PRICE:    € 25.-- (= suggested donation)

This is a download and is very affordable and practical.


Only with a downloadable book you have the advantage

to print out the pictures in any size you prefer,

and as many times as you like,

to enable you to use them to best advantage.

And you can take your downloaded book with you, very light-weight,

on a memory stick or on your tablet.

About the Author
What is Art? What is Creativity?
Success Factor 1: Get to Know Your Abilities
Success Factor 2: Ways of Being Creative
Success Factor 3: Don't Hesitate, Just Start!
Success Factor 4: Finding Help
See Right
Drawing Lessons
Acrylics Lessons
Watercolour Lessons
Utilise Your Emotions
Art Ideas
Music Moves Mind and Brush
Develop Your Own Style
Ways to Reduce Stress
References and Research
Reference Material or Memory?
Recreation or to Make Money
Artwork as Work
On Your Own or With Others?


--- Intriguing?

 In the book everything will become clear to you. ---

upside-down drawing (intentional)
upside-down drawing (intentional)

Right column: some of Angie's latest artwork.