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your Art coach with a difference!


It's about finding solutions.

It's about looking at LIFE from a better angle and to get friendly colours back into it.

It's about wise happiness, Art and Attitude.

It's about being EMPOWERED to leave a positive mark, in art, in life, in helping others, while knowing your limitations and modestly being aware of them,   - but at the same time noticing the incredible potential that's available to you. You'll see as you learn. - Enjoy the journey!


So that's what it's all about, and that's why this is not just simply an art website. It's about life too.


Angie (Angelika) Stehle has a love for nature, plants, animals, preferably in their natural habitat, plants with fascinating details, lovely scenery. She took art lessons in Oils in Dublin in the 1980s. In drawing she is self-taught and has been using the Betty Edwards methodology in teaching others. Angie has used Oils, Acrylics, glass paints, colour pencils, at present she concentrates on watercolours. Angie does commissions, she also paints for family and friends and for herself.


Angie's website is designed to make people happier by means of attitude and art. She also runs art lessons in drawing and watercolours, with lots of emphasis on proper seeing. The way we look at things helps in everyday life, too.


Angie's own cancer handbook (which was formerly available for download) is now in its essence included on this website, and that's the revised version, - if you read all the LIFE-related pages, you've got the gist of it. All for FREE. Everything else can be researched easily by reading material from Dr. Schulze (www.herbdoc.com), or simply google "natural cancer treatments", the Internet is full of it.


And the first (of an intended series of) childrens books has arrived. Gentle and educational, artistic and natural. (Available right here:  https://artcraftdesign.jimdo.com/little-book-oliver-the-feel-good-bear/ ).







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Right column: some of Angie's latest artwork.